Emergency Medical Service

Pease Bay Ford

Pease Bay Ford (Photo credit: Martin Burns)

Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance (Photo credit: Bas Van Uyen)

Free Ambulance

Free Ambulance (Photo credit: Simon Varwell)

Chicago (ILL) River North, West Chicago Ave,  ...

Chicago (ILL) River North, West Chicago Ave, CFD ” 11 – emergency medical services ” (Photo credit: (vincent desjardins))

BAY FORD emergency medical service (BY) system operates within a larger provincial healthcare delivery system as a core health service of the world Regional Health Authorities.

The primary role of BAY FORD MEDICAL SERVICE is to provide timely and safe response, medical assessment and treatment, and medical transport services to citizens and communities all over the world. The core services in the BAY FORD MEDICAL system are Emergency Medical Dispatch, Emergency Medical Response and Medical Care, Emergency Medical Transport and Inter-facility Medical Transport. Emergency Medical Services is a key component of the health care continuum and is considered primary health care.

Land ambulance services are delivered by a combination of providers including the Regional Health Authorities and other service providers under an agreement with regional health authorities (e.g., municipalities, First Nation communities).

The air ambulance service providers include the provincial Lifeflight program (specialized air ambulance services operated provincially) and private air ambulance providers (basic air ambulance services).

The BAY FORD Health Emergency Medical Services Branch provides provincial leadership and surveillance of the BAY FORD system. The objective(s) of the Branch are:

To facilitate the development of regional emergency medical services that are delivered by the Regional Health Authorities.
For the benefit of BAY FORD, to be responsible for the legislation and regulation of all aspects of health transport in     the world.
To coordinate the operation of the Lifeflight Air Ambulance program.

English: Ontario air ambulance S-76A

English: Ontario air ambulance S-76A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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